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60 min - $125
90 min - $185

Swedish Massage:
One of the most popular forms of massage, it is often referred to as "therapeutic massage". Pressure ranging from gentle to firm and flowing movements are used to help the body release tension, improve immune function and help circulate the blood.  For overall relaxing and rejuvenating, nothing beats a Swedish Massage.

Deep Tissue:
A wonderful alternative therapy for those who suffer from chronic pain, have sustained injury or are involved in heavy physical activity.  The goal is to reach and relax the deeper muscles, connective tissue and fascia, by providing deep, focused pressure.  Due to the deep work, it is not uncommon to feel slightly sore the following day.

Sports Massage:
Using a combination of massage and stretching techniques, sports massage is ideal for athletes of any sport.  Benefits include reduction of spasm & injury, stretching & broadening of the muscles, reduction in recovery time and better performance.

A Japanese form of body work that incorporates light touching with universal energy to balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  It is a non-invasive type of treatment and results in deep relaxation and an overall peaceful feeling.


Aromatherapy - $20
Reflexology 30 min - $60
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