Nutrition Counseling:

In the state of California, there are no laws regulating the nutrition industry.  That means, that anyone calling themselves a "nutrition expert", "health coach" or "nutrition counselor" can provide clients nutritional advice.  While they may have extensive knowledge in assisting with making better food choices, they have not received education that would allow them to provide expert dietary advice, or develop a meal plan for a client, in order to help them to reach their goals. Our nutrition counseling is provided by a Clinical Nutritionist who holds a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition, so you will know that you are in the hands of an expert.  During sessions, our nutritionist will analyze and create a diet to meet your individual needs, and will guide you on ways to improve your eating habits.  You will also be given cooking tips, examine emotional attachments to food, discuss "fad" diets and why they most likely have not worked for you and learn how to shop more effectively.  While most information will be discussed during the session, counseling really is a 24 hour process and you are welcome,and encouraged, to contact your nutritionist with any questions, or just for moral support, at any time.  Our goal is to help you reach your goals.

Nutrition Services
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In-home Session - $70

Skype/Phone Session - $50

Personalized Meal Plan - $125
      (price includes counseling time)